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Yetland Farm is forever changing with the seasons. In March our newborn lambs arrive and begin playing in the fields and throughout the year we welcome piglets. To keep up-to-date with the latest arrivals and goings on at the farm please continue to visit our news page that will be continually updated.

Jan 2016

As we work towards the spring, the ewes at Yetland Farm have been moved inside having all been scanned. The good news is that all the ewes are pregnant and it looks like there may even be a couple of sets of triplets.

Lambing starts at Yetland Farm on the 6th March, so any guests here over the Easter holidays may have the opportunity to help with some bottle feeding, or even witness a birth - who knows!


Some more exciting news is the piglets at Yetland Farm are due next week all being well.

May 2015

It has been a busy time at Yetland Farm with Brenda, our large black sow giving birth to 10 beautiful piglets in our barn a week ago. They are all very happy and healthy and growing well. When they are two weeks old we will be letting them outside where they will enjoy the sunny North Devon weather with mum until they are eight weeks old. When the piglets reach eight weeks they will be separated from their mum and left to dig up the ground until they are approximately six months old, when they will be big enough to be used for meat.


Only two days before Brenda gave birth, our large white sow also gave birth to nine lovely piglets, which are also doing well in one of our arcs in the field, so we are unable to get any good photos at the moment but we promise to post some soon.

April 2015


At Yetland Farm we have welcomed our last set of new born lambs for 2015. The majority of our ewes and their lambs are now enjoying being back outside soaking up the beautiful spring sunshine that we have experienced over the Easter weekend.


We are bottle feeding our quads, and a couple of other lambs, which our happy guests in the cottages have been helping with. Families staying with us thoroughly enjoy helping with the bottle feeding and love to give the lambs a big cuddle on a daily basis! These lambs are all growing well and are very friendly.

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